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158cm (5.18ft) Big Chest Realistic Curvy Sex Doll Yuki

I’d been wanting this model doll for nearly a year but couldn’t find a vendor that was reputable AND carried her so I emailed this seller to see if they had her and they have! Feels very realistic! The customer service was excellent, I was satisfied with my order. I recommend this store.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Boobs Lifelike Soft Skin Sex Doll Victoria

Great doll! I HIGHLY recommend this site for dolls, I’ve purchased two from them so far and will likely purchase more in the future.

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168cm (5.51ft) Big Breasts TPE Doll for Men Yoshino

Perfect doll, no taxes, good seller! I customized this doll according to my own ideas. It’s so cool! the doll is very good, I am planning my next doll, the shop is my first choice.

168cm (5.51ft) Big Tits Curvy Sex Doll Saya

Well done! The real doll is better than the photos, beyond my expectation! Thank you for this beautiful doll. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.

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162cm (5.31ft) Big Boobs Real Sexy Sex Doll RC230602 Michaelia

Magnificent Doll, and very low priced given its high quality. I really like it! Very nice seller, good advice. I also like another doll, I think I will buy it again soon.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Bust Life Size Love Doll RD230569 Cornelia HR8

This doll is simply beautiful! This is my second doll from the site and I love it. I went with the shrugging shoulders. I recommend it. The shoulders provide a much greater range of movement than I was expecting, making for a more comfortable experience.

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100cm ( 3.28ft ) Big Breast Sex Doll DR19120201 Haruka

I was very surprised by the quality of my doll. She is so beautiful! They accept paypal, so you know there’s guarantee that you at least get something. And hopefully me, and the other reviews on the site show you that they are the real deal.

100cm ( 3.28ft ) Big Breast Sex Doll DR19120202 Chiyuki

This is a very good quality doll, to be honest, it even exceeded my expectations at this price, thank you, you are really great! With everything they include, this is a great shop for your first doll.

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Yes, thumbs up! 10/10 for their great customer service. will buy more in the future 🙂 I love my doll more than I ever imagined. When I kiss her, it’s like kissing a real person. If you hold her hand, she can grab you like a real person. When you touch them, it feels like real leather. Good service, rest assured to buy, you can buy the doll you dream of. I love my dolls! I plan to buy another one soon.

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Yes, really good customer service! Perfect doll, perfect seller! I am very satisfied with my purchase. This doll has everything I was looking for, beautiful, not too heavy and easy to maneuver. There is no doubt that he is a tasteful legitimate salesman. From day one, I received exchanges and a lot of advice. I had many questions, requests and concerns and they answered each one patiently and thoughtfully. Once my doll was made, shipping was discreet and fast. Thanks! ! ! If I buy a second doll, I will definitely buy from them.

GorgeousSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, I like this site the best! Great customer service, great dolls. Excellent customer service, it was a pleasure to work with you and answered all my questions. This is the gold standard of customer service. The doll is beautiful, better than I imagined, she looks great and feels great. The best customer experience ever! ! If you want to order TPE dolls, I recommend you to buy them on this website. You can choose many add-ons for your doll, and the customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced (friendly, helpful, and responsive). review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, this is a good seller that you can trust! Great doll, very realistic! Incredible quality. This time I ordered a lighter doll. I made a huge mistake the first time, ordering a large doll that was too heavy. My new doll is really cool and easy to move. It is very easy to do multiple sexual positions with it. It looks very real and she doesn’t cheat on you or put a lot of pressure on you like most women do lol

CherryPieSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, the site is 5 stars. Well done. Nothing to complain about! It’s tough, but I lift weights 5 days a week, so when it’s delivered, I just hang the case over my shoulder and move in. Also, I had to be very careful with the setup and pose, as small limbs like fingers and toes could bend easily. Just remember to follow the advice they give and you should be fine. Overall, would I go through this process again and order the same product again? Absolutely! Hope this review helps those who are unsure about ordering, it’s definitely worth the wait.